Strengthen Or Let Go

One of the instructions that resonates with me from my yoga instructor is “Find places to strengthen, and places to release”. When overwhelmed we almost inevitably put off the things that help our wellbeing - the walk with friends, the healthy lunch, the time boundaries around our work. The concept of strengthening ourselves with maintaining our wellbeing practices even when we are busy is fundamental to emerging from overwhelm.

Conversely identifying places where we can let go is a strategy that can also support. It might be letting go of a deadline, or the need to hand in a perfect report. It might be letting go of the expectation that we organise the next staff social event. Anywhere where you hear yourself using the explanations - I should, or I always are good places to challenge. For instance "I should phone So and So to check that they ……" or "I need to ---------- because I always do it."

In the workbook identify which places you can strengthen and what you can release.

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